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Dance is a Lifestyle: Career Readiness Seminar

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Lead Facilitator

Zakiya Atkinson, Ed.D. Candidate

Career Highlights

  • Artistic Director

  • Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts

  • High school dance educator (10 years)

  • Teaching: colleges/ universities, studios, schools, and community programs 

  • International Arts Outreach

  • Creator of The DanceAdorn Shop

Graduating Students
Dance Lesson_edited.jpg
A Young Man Writing

What will we explore in the seminar?



Don't believe the naysayers!


Dance is a field with many options. You just have to know what they are and prepare for them.

We'll explore dance careers in the areas of performance, education, business, non profit, medicine, and more.    


College Majors & Concentrations

Did you know you have choices? BA



Double Major

Arts Administration

Other Fields of Study

Conservatories & Apprenticeships

We'll compare, contrast, and design.


Internships & Soft Skills

Internships with some Soft Skills on the side can be a recipe for success.


Soft skills include things like emotional intelligence, adaptability, time management,  and being self-directed.


We'll discuss how to network, identify your skills, and build on them.

Tap Dancer

Who is the CRS for?

Dancers ages 13-18

Dance Studios, High School Programs, Arts Organizations, Conventions, College Fairs

*in-person and virtual seminars available

If you are preparing to be a professional dancer, studio owner, K-12 dance educator, magazine editor, marketing director, or physical therapist, you're going to need more than a dance class.  

Zakiya Atkinson

Dance is a field
Start preparing today

Teachers: Book a CRS for your student group. Our sessions run in the evening so that parents can attend.

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