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Two Girls Dancing

Community Arts

​Zaman Dance Theatre Collective engages communities through arts workshops, curated events, collaborative projects, and creative problem-solving. 

Our programming focuses on creative expression, collaboration, and social concerns, while increasing arts literacy in community spaces. 

Our educators and artivists facilitate with an approach that is culturally responsive, inclusive, and transformative for diverse communities and groups.

Pop Up
& Dance

Pop Up and Dance cultivates connection through movement in shared spaces. Pop Up & Dance workshops are ideal for community events, festivals, cultural celebrations, or simply to build community. They are intended to be inclusive and intergenerational. 

Workshop Offerings: Jazz Dance, Social Dances, West African Dance, Hip Hop, and Latin Dances. We can also create original workshops (indoors or outdoors) that connect to your event theme. 

*Book a single workshop or a series of workshops for a full day.

My Dancing Self: A Movement Workshop Exploring Identity

This workshop series is geared toward youth, adolescents, and young adults and provides an outlet for creativity, self-expression, and identity exploration. Participants respond to a series of writing and movement prompts that allow them to reflect on their characteristics, lived experiences, and perspectives. They are then guided through a choreographic process that allows them to create Moving Identity Stories.


Workshop activities do not require participants to have previous dance training but encourages them to draw from their own movement vocabularies and interests.

Let’s Activate: A Creative Approach to Activism

Let’s Activate is a series of workshops that uses creativity as a means for social activism. Participants identify and explore a socially charged issue in their community and then collaborate to devise performative responses that can be captured by recording or performed live.


Art forms integrated may include Dance, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Theatre, Vocal Music, and Instrumental Music.

Arts Jam

Do you want to offer your community an arts filled day? If so, book us for an Arts Jam.

Arts Jam is a curated event, designed by us in collaboration with your organization. 

The event provides attendees an opportunity to engage in multiple arts disciplines through workshops. These may include dance, theatre improvisation, painting, drawing, crafts, music, creative writing, and more.

Sessions can be intergenerational or created to  meet the developmental needs and interests of specific age groups.

On Site Programming

Zaman Dance Theatre Collective offers on site consultation and program development services for organizations and institutions seeking to offer an ongoing arts program at their site. This can include the development of a program structure, dance instructor staffing, budget, performances, and more. 

Contact us for a complimentary program development consultation. 

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